Unfit Boyfriends = Unfit Dads (It’s Not Rocket Science)

3 06 2010

My main concern during the first episode of vh1’s Dad Camp was that about half the women had been with their boyfriends for at least a year before they got pregnant. One couple had been together for four and a half years. Now my question is this, how can you be with someone for that long and as soon as you become pregnant you’re surprised by the father’s actions??

These men did not change overnight. After all this time, you had to have known that they were cheaters, that they were irresponsible, that they didn’t have jobs, or that they’re alcoholics or smokers… This was apparent BEFORE you got pregnant, yet you loved them and stayed with them regardless of this.

Now I’m not saying that it’s ok for the men to act this way, but if these women had condoned that behavior for this long, why stay and why not protect yourselves effectively?

Mo vs Kita: Get Your Freak On

29 08 2009

When it comes to Mo and Kita’s battle on the latest episode of The T.O. Show, I’m rolling with Mo. Mo is renewing her vows with her husband and Kita is throwing her a bachlorette party, since she’s never had one.

Kita says she wants to keep it “classy” so when Mo hires a male stripper for the party, Kita calls her “tacky” and they end up arguing. As a result, Mo decides to kick Kita out of her wedding.

What kind of friend is Kita, when she judges Mo’s enjoyment of having an exotic dancer at her party? You love your friends no matter what and you definitely don’t judge them. There is always going to be something about your friends that you don’t agree with, but you never judge them. You accept them and support them. Kita was out of line.

– It wasn’t “tacky” to take Mo to Vegas (the don’t ask, don’t tell city)
– It wasn’t “tacky” to charge $15,000 worth of room charges to Terrell’s credit card
– It wasn’t “tacky” to hire a female pole dancer to teach yall some tricks

…But when Mo wanted to have a man strip for her, that’s “tacky”. Let Mo have her fun, she aint hurting anyone. Kita needs to get the stick out of her ass and have some fun herself!