Where Has My Muse Gone?

14 07 2010

What’s a blogger to do when she’s simply uninspired by her muse??

I’m caught between watching A Different World reruns and HawthoRNe episodes. With the most entertaining reality shows being between seasons and others comming up short (like Holly’s World and Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch), I have better ways of filling up my dvr.

How many times can I blog about The Kardashians and The Real Housewives of NJ?? I’ve watched this season’s first episode of The T.O. Show but I’m sad to say, that I mostly tuned in for the eye candy. Something fell a little flat.

What’s to come of Reality Maven? An online book review? A Twilight fan page? Something’s got to give! Too bad Ray J isn’t filming any new seasons of For the Love of Ray J. That was always entertaining!

What are you watching?

Sex Tapes & Celebrity Status

24 05 2010

Paris Hilton who? …..Kim Kardashian who??

So many women have made a name for themselves by either a “leaked” sex tape or a scandalous affair with someone famous.

How many of us knew who Paris Hilton was before the “One Night in Paris” scandal? I heard her name a couple times, maybe saw her in a gossip magazine but she wasn’t very interesting. Hell, she still isn’t very interesting but she’s everywhere! You name it, her name or face has probably been on it. I admit that The Simple Life was entertaining but I swear I lost some brain cells tuning into My New BFF!

I remember attending a Pure Romance party at my friend Samantha’s house and laughing my butt off at Ray J’s sex tape. (What did he think he was doing?? LOL) I had no clue who this Kim chick was but soon after, she was everywhere. Magazines, TV, Gossip columns… Not only did she become famous, but she brought her whole family with her. Now that’s the power of the P!

Then you have the women who sleep with celebrities or high society men just to put them on blast after getting ammunition to completely blow the lid off of their secret life. These women save EVERYTHING! (Like texts and voicemails, side eye to Tiger) Then after his life is in shambles, they’re writing books, posing for Playboy and merchandising.

I applaud those women who have gotten where they are today as a result of their own hard work and independence. You don’t see too much of that going on in this day and age. What happened to good, old-fashioned hard work? …Well, I guess they were “working hard” at one point or another. 😉

I’m Back…Now What’d I Miss?

21 04 2010

I know it’s been a long time, but what better time to return than when my DVR is filled with great reality shows? And might I add that I am soooooo so so glad that Ray J has put down the champagne flutes for the last time. Who was he fooling with that sleaze fest of a dating show? A Family Business is a much better look for him.

Vh1 has a great lineup this season, all though I can’t stomach Basketball Wives for even the first five minutes. I’m not even sure what the title has to do with the actual show. Anyone care to enlighten me?? On a more positive note, I’m loving every minute of Ray J & Brandy, and of course Tough Love never disappoints me. Having the couples on this season is reminiscent of Tool Academy but without the trailer trash backsplash. (Check my rhymes, “Omg, am I rapping?” Lmao at Bran Nu! Love Brandy though)

Vh1 reality shows are usually a hit or miss with me, but What Chili Wants has me on the fence this time. How are you guys feeling about this show? I really liked Chili up until this point but her damn list is working my nerves! She has got to be thee pickiest woman on earth. I think when Missy told her that “Jesus was taken” she hit the nail on the head. She’s not looking for anyone. She either wants to get back with Usher or she wants to get something started with Floyd, she’s only fooling herself because she’s not fooling us viewers!

While others are dedicating their DVR memory space to The Young and the Restless, ((side eye)) I’m more interested in vh1 reality and what’s going on with Kimora over on The Style Network. These shows are definitely holding my attention right now.

Where’s the remote, it looks like I’m going to have a lot to write about?

Forget a Cocktail, Ray J Needs a Shot

9 02 2010

Is everyone else thinking what I’m thinking??  What the ****!  Everything started off in the expected vh1 reunion show normalcy… then out of nowhere here comes Cocktail (the winner of last season) strutting onto the stage. I was soooo not expecting that.  Cocktail started out nice enough, but then went into how Ray J was a dirty dog basically, claiming that he’s not a “one woman man”.

Here’s a little bit more of what went on backstage:

Berry and Ray talked backstage for much longer than what you saw on the reunion. At one point, it appeared that he was crying (she definitely was). Pretty hilariously, as Tanika attempted to get him back out onstage to finish the reunion, he back-talked her. “We need Ray to get to the bottom of this. We’ll have him when we get back!” is how she set up the eventually aborted final segment. “I ain’t comin!” yelled Ray. A bit later, she said, “Ray, come out!” “No!” he yelled back. “Now! You say you want an aggressive woman…” Tanika joked back. Finally, she said as a way to conclude, “I have a feeling it’s not over…” and Ray narrated from backstage, “It ain’t over! It’s never gonna be over!” The fact that he and Mz Berry came back out and could be seen embracing after most people had left the studio…

Ray J 2 reunion, photo via vh1blog

Watching all this unfold, I got a feeling that Cocktail cares a lot about Ray J and is either upset at the fact that he’s moved on or is upset at the fact that he played her (so she says).  Either way, the girl is upset and her tirade has very little to do with her concern for Mz Berry.  This was all a way for her to put him on blast to make herself feel better about their situation.  If Mz Berry wasn’t upset enough, I was upset for her!  That was HER moment and Cocktail Kanye’d her.  She basically took the mic and said, “Look, Mz Berry, Imma let you finish but…”

But nothing, take your a** back home and chill the hell out, please.  That was so declasse. I’m excited that Cocktail made the reunion much more entertaining but at the same time, I’m mad at how it ended.  There wasn’t enough time to end it properly.  😦  Well, if you’re as upset as I am and want to hear Mz Berry’s side, tune into TALKOFTHETOWN411 at midnight TONIGHT!

Danger: Thirsty for Attention or Crying for Help?

6 02 2010

I’ve stated that Danger is “insane in the membrane” since I first saw her facial tattoo on For the Love of Ray J season 1.  It seems as if, even now, a lot of people are surprised by her strange actions.  Poprah (you know, that loud mouthed, ruthless chick that thought she was really going to be Diddy’s assistant on I Want to Work for Diddy season 1) seems to be one of the last to realize this disturbing fact.

So far, Danger has:

  • claimed she was pregnant and Ray J was the alleged father
  • been admitted into a mental institution and as a result, lost custody of her child
  • publicly stated that Ray J was a homosexual
  • been arrested for arson
  • AND had an “unfortunate incident” involving Ms. Poprah herself

    Photo of Monica "Danger" Leon (via vh1.com)

    Speculation is circulating on whether or not Danger is in fact, mentally ill.  Necole Bitchie posted a blog, yesterday, about the recent drama between the two reality stars.  She posed the question:

    “So is Danger faking for a reality show deal or does she really have a mental condition?”

    Can Ray J get some kind of award for nicknaming Monica “Danger”? He hit the nail on the head with that one.  Her actions on his reality show alone led me to believe she was crazy & needed help. Unique said it many times. Yes I believe she is doing all of this for attention, but that makes her all the more crazy! Something has to be seriously wrong with this bish for her to do all of these outlandish things. Only a true mentally ill person will stoop to this level for publicity. It’s sad because it doesn’t seem like there is anyone around her that cares enough to help her. She claims that she has great family and friends but where are they now?  Have they done all they could?

    I’ve cracked a lot of jokes at Danger’s expense and I’ve said some not so nice things regarding her BUT if she really has an illness, someone please help her before she self destructs.

    Mz. Berrayyyyyy Mz. Berry

    2 02 2010

    How many viewers sang Hurricane Chris’ “She’s Fine (Halle Berry)” when Ray J chose Mz. Berry as his new boo?? I’m doing the dance right now as I write this. 🙂

    At the beginning of the season, I wrote a post listing five sure-fire ways to seriously find love on a dating show entitled For the Lust of Ray J.  It feels as if Ray J has taken my advice this season.  He weeded out all the hoochies, psychos and those who like to “smash the homies”.

    vh1's Mz Berry

    vh1's Mz Berry

    In my opinion, Mz. Berry may come with a little bit of baggage but I don’t think it’s anything that Ray can’t handle. She’s older (I hear he likes older women…), experienced and more mature than the “little girls” that Ray was feeling this season. Most importantly, she’s classy and soft spoken. These are very great attributes, definitely a LADY that he can take home to momma.

    Now, I’m only 25 years old, myself, and so when I refer to “little girls”, I mean it as a state of mind. Immaturity is not attractive. These girls are running wild, doing whatever, however. Ray J has females like this throwing themselves at him daily. You have to have something else to offer that will keep him coming back for more and keep his mind on you when he’s miles away.

    Only time (and the reunion special) will tell if he’s made the right choice. I sure hope he did, because I loved me some Mz. Berrayyyyyy Mz. Berry!