Unfit Boyfriends = Unfit Dads (It’s Not Rocket Science)

3 06 2010

My main concern during the first episode of vh1’s Dad Camp was that about half the women had been with their boyfriends for at least a year before they got pregnant. One couple had been together for four and a half years. Now my question is this, how can you be with someone for that long and as soon as you become pregnant you’re surprised by the father’s actions??

These men did not change overnight. After all this time, you had to have known that they were cheaters, that they were irresponsible, that they didn’t have jobs, or that they’re alcoholics or smokers… This was apparent BEFORE you got pregnant, yet you loved them and stayed with them regardless of this.

Now I’m not saying that it’s ok for the men to act this way, but if these women had condoned that behavior for this long, why stay and why not protect yourselves effectively?

No Mother of the Year Award Anytime Soon

29 01 2010

Quick question: Has CSB come knocking on Lynne’s door yet??

Lynne Curtin’s teenage daughter, Alexa, comments on having a hangover and Lynne said nothing about it; she acted as if it was never even said. On top of the cursing, leaving the house after being told not to, hanging up on her and telling Lynne to shut up, Alexa put the icing on the cake and called Lynne a bitch. (F.Y.I. my daughter would have probably gotten as far as “bit” before I put my foot up her @$$)

In addition to not having a backbone with her two daughters, Lynne is also passing on her superficiality and insecurity. Lynne gave her eldest daughter, Raquel, the gift of plastic perfection… Rhinoplasty. The “mother-daughter plastic surgery” was a message to her daughters that you’re not beautiful just the way you are. Whatever happened to uplifting our children, to making them feel good about themselves from the inside out??

Instead of wearing her daughters’ clothes and trying to be young and hip, she needs to be an authority figure. Lynne, wake up. You are not their bestie, you’re a parent, and you should behave as such. First and foremost: Discipline, Discipline, Discipline!! Telling Alexa that she’s grounded isn’t effective because she just leaves anyway with no consequences. Lynne is setting her daughters up for failure. They need to know that there are consequences to every action. Discipline her in a way that is effective, all kids are different, what works for some doesn’t work for all. Take away her cell phone, make her get a job to pay for her own luxuries, confiscate all her accessories and makeup. I would say whoop her @$$ but honestly, I don’t see Lynne whooping anybody. It would be like tiny love taps.

Lynne need not be mad at Gretchen for trying to help. Take all the help and advice you can get! Gretchen may not be a mother, but listening to what she has to say isn’t gonna do anymore harm than what you have already done. Gretchen seems to be the only one that really cares enough, don’t knock her. Doesn’t Tamra have a teenage son? Why not ask her for advice? Oh, that’s right. She’s only good for laughing her butt off when you’re crying your eyes out.