Brava Dina, Brava

8 06 2010

Very well done Dina! She handled herself very well during this confrontation with Danielle. Or as Danielle would refer to it, the “ambush”. While Dina was planning to speak with Danielle alone, and let her know woman-to-woman how she felt about their relationship or lack there of, Danielle was calling up her goons. Did she really need to call Danny, telling him how she’s nervous that they are trying to ambush her and to sit in the parking lot in case she needs help. What the hell is Danny gonna do to Dina??? Wack her?

I am so tired of seeing this dude, Danny, on the show! He looks like he stepped out of a 1980’s time machine and I really am not impressed by his loud mouth and disrespectful antics. Both him and Danielle need to SAT DOWN (yes, “sat”). In Danielle’s delusions, someone is always sitting at home with the lights off and curtains pulled closed, rubbing their hands together and plotting a devious scheme to rid New Jersey of her once and for all. Please get a life!

When they were finally face to face, Dina expressed to Danielle exactly how she felt (maturely and respectfully). She doesn’t have any beef with Danielle nor does she want to continue the mud slinging and the charades. Dina made it very clear that this was between her and Danielle, and didn’t involve anyone else. So what does Danielle do from the very beginning of the convo? She starts commenting on the Manzos’ and Ashley…. getting loud and offensive. All the while, Dina remained calm and still held her own. She showed her level of class and maturity and I commend her for that because I would love for Danielle to get beat down with a stiletto. Hehehehe, just kidding (but not really). Danielle’s messy behind actually ended up proving Dina’s point! That act right there was the reason why she didn’t want anything to do with her in the first place! Way to go Danielle, somebody show the scarecrow to the City of Oz. Smh!


18 05 2010

** Written by guest blogger, Sara E. Speigner **

So I think millions experienced the first episode of the VH1 highly anticipated reality series, Basketball Wives. If you were anything like me, you heard of it months prior and were probably looking forward to it. I remember reading an interview Shaunie O’Neal did and she stated that she was the executive producer and the driving force behind the series. “Awesome!” I thought. Though Shaunie was going through a divorce with Cavaliers Center, Shaquille O’Neal, I had always thought of her as a class act and one of the few who was not trying to be “all up in the mix” but just being a wife and mother to her children.

Shaunie mentioned on the Wendy Williams show that the series would follow “Wives” of NBA basketball players and document the ups and downs, B.S and the pleasantries of the lifestyle not created for every woman, but those who are out here “gettin’ her done.”

(Clears throat) So the show begins with one wife, one fiancée, and excuse my jargon, but 3 bitter baby moms and one who cannot even breathe the name of her child’s father or she will be served papers (Royce!) The one actual married broad doesn’t even like her husband as a person nor trust him as far as she can throw him! One fiancée is the sister of Shaq’s main mistress, I’m curious why you didn’t mop the floor with her the first episode…guilty by association ring a bell to you?

So since we summed that up in a nutshell, my question after watching the first episode was “Shaunie O’Neal, Why?” Why did you agree to go to lunch with VH1 Producers, discuss a concept, agree and sign your name to such nonsense and tomfoolery? Did you honestly believe in your heart of hearts that you were helping to create good reality television? Was this display going to really open the doors and windows into the lives of women who were MARRIED and maintaining great lifestyles while their man brought home the bacon from the wonderful world of professional basketball? Was this honestly your vision? Why was there only one wife selected for the cast? Was she the only NBA wife that would agree to do the show? When you realized you were only going to have one wife, why didn’t you shelf the show? Are you only featured in two of the episodes thus far because you knew this was pure unadulterated manure but it was too far-gone to remove yourself and your name?! You say you have a passion for shoes Shaunie, why didn’t you just hit us in the head with a bad online shoe boutique with 30% off coupons every month? I would not have been mad at you! Why Shaunie?

I just feel stupid after every episode and mad that I spent that 30 minutes, so I have since used that space of time to go take my clothes out the wash, transfer them to the dryer and do some sorting until Chilli comes on. Whoever takes the great leap of faith on the next attempt at extending another reality concept to the public, can we please just call it what it really is? ONE WIFE, ONE FIANCEE, and 3 BITTER BABY MOMS.

– Sara E. Speigner

Forget a Cocktail, Ray J Needs a Shot

9 02 2010

Is everyone else thinking what I’m thinking??  What the ****!  Everything started off in the expected vh1 reunion show normalcy… then out of nowhere here comes Cocktail (the winner of last season) strutting onto the stage. I was soooo not expecting that.  Cocktail started out nice enough, but then went into how Ray J was a dirty dog basically, claiming that he’s not a “one woman man”.

Here’s a little bit more of what went on backstage:

Berry and Ray talked backstage for much longer than what you saw on the reunion. At one point, it appeared that he was crying (she definitely was). Pretty hilariously, as Tanika attempted to get him back out onstage to finish the reunion, he back-talked her. “We need Ray to get to the bottom of this. We’ll have him when we get back!” is how she set up the eventually aborted final segment. “I ain’t comin!” yelled Ray. A bit later, she said, “Ray, come out!” “No!” he yelled back. “Now! You say you want an aggressive woman…” Tanika joked back. Finally, she said as a way to conclude, “I have a feeling it’s not over…” and Ray narrated from backstage, “It ain’t over! It’s never gonna be over!” The fact that he and Mz Berry came back out and could be seen embracing after most people had left the studio…

Ray J 2 reunion, photo via vh1blog

Watching all this unfold, I got a feeling that Cocktail cares a lot about Ray J and is either upset at the fact that he’s moved on or is upset at the fact that he played her (so she says).  Either way, the girl is upset and her tirade has very little to do with her concern for Mz Berry.  This was all a way for her to put him on blast to make herself feel better about their situation.  If Mz Berry wasn’t upset enough, I was upset for her!  That was HER moment and Cocktail Kanye’d her.  She basically took the mic and said, “Look, Mz Berry, Imma let you finish but…”

But nothing, take your a** back home and chill the hell out, please.  That was so declasse. I’m excited that Cocktail made the reunion much more entertaining but at the same time, I’m mad at how it ended.  There wasn’t enough time to end it properly.  😦  Well, if you’re as upset as I am and want to hear Mz Berry’s side, tune into TALKOFTHETOWN411 at midnight TONIGHT!

Outstanding Or Outlandish?

7 01 2010

((scratching head))

Not only does The Real Housewives of Atlanta stick out like a sore thumb in the list of NAACP nominated “Outstanding Reality Series”, but the nomination doesn’t fit in with any of the other names and titles on the extensive list AT ALL. It’s a wonder to me how this show was nominated and what the explanation behind it was, exactly. (Maybe it was Sheree’s “who gon’ check me boo” line that stirred the pot.)

RHOA is competing with the likes of American Idol 8, America’s Next Top Model, Dancing with the Stars, and Extreme Makeover for the organization’s award show.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love The Housewives but I love them for the drama, fighting, hair shifting (lol), name-calling, backstabbing….. I can go on and on but I’m sure you get the point. The meaning behind the name, NAACP, is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. How is this show helping to advance anything but an a** whoopin during almost every episode? This is not something that I would be proud of, so that is why I am so surprised by the decision.

The Blind Side, The Princess and the Frog, Precious… Denzel Washington (wiping drool from my chin), Morgan Freeman, Anika Noni Rose, Taraji P. Henson… The Real Housewives of Atlanta… Nope! Still not understanding!

Somebody make sure NeNe’s name is on the guest list. We don’t want her making a scene outside another event.

Falsies, Weaves & Preconceived Notions

6 01 2010

When you hear the Title Bad Girls Club, you think of a group of bad girls right? Not always has the title of “Bad Girl” been upheld on this reality show. Many have fallen short of our expectations.

One member that needs no explanation is Florina, aka Flo. Straight from Staten Island in the NY, she’s your big sister one minute and in the next, she’ll tear you a new a**hole. What interests me most about Flo is that she blows up over little things that are of no importance or issues that in no way involve her.

In episode 5, the girls are preparing to leave the house for another drunken, fun filled night at a random club (surprising, I know) when Kate decides she doesn’t want to go to an “all black club”. This could be offensive to someone of that race, but interestingly enough, Flo took it the hardest. After screaming, name-calling and threatening for quite some time, it became evident that Flo was not going to ease up on poor small-town Kate.

After taking offense to Kate’s prejudiced remark, Flo made one of her own that made me cock my head to the side and ask “What the f**k is going on??”…..

Flo: “Go get a plastic surgeon, get some more fake eye lashes, some more fake extensions”
Kate: “Oh guess what? Your best friend has fake hair and fake eye lashes!” (Gesturing towards Natalie)
Flo: “That’s ’cause she’s BLACK b**ch!”
Kate: “If Natalie had a d**k right now, you’d be sucking it.”

So, it’s ok that Natalie wears fake eye lashes and fake hair because she’s black, like it’s expected? In Flo’s eyes, are there no black females that don’t wear weave? Is this a prerequisite? Honestly, most famous females (no matter the color of their skin) wear hair pieces and false lashes, am I right?

Flo’s comment shocked me because she was so adamant about defending the entire black race, but then in turn has her own stereotypical views of black women. What’s the difference between the preconceived notions of black night clubs and black women’s preference to fake hair?

Florina from The Bad Girls Club

Florina from The Bad Girls Club

The Kardashians Are Back…Can You Keep Up?

3 12 2009

Watching the preview for the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians has made me even more anxious for the premiere! Starting next Sunday, December 13th, The Kardashians are back and it doesn’t look like they are going to disappoint.
Is Scott going to show his true colors? How is Kriss going to exploit her kids this season? Who was Rob fighting with and was that HIS blood on his cheek??
The countdown starts now. Are you ready?

Follow the link, if you can’t see the video below:

The Real Housewives of OC: Back & Back At It

6 11 2009

So what did you think of the new season of the original housewives? I have been waiting for this since this season’s second episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta! Don’t get me wrong, I love RHOA, but it gets a little low class and “new money” at times. The OC wives have a completely different feel while still bringing the drama and entertainment that I’ve missed.

It seems like some old issues are still brewing, and some new situations have sprung up while the camera crews were away…

Tamra is still juicing the phone call she may or may not have received from Gretchen’s “boyfriend” that she may or may not have been seeing while being engaged to the late Jeff. Let’s get over it, if that is the only issue that you had, let it go. It shouldn’t matter to Tamra whether or not Gretchen’s relationship with Jeff was real, worry about your own relationship.
And speaking of Tamra’s relationship, it looks like she and Vicki have switched it up on us. Vicki’s marriage has been rocky for sometime but apparently things are going much smoother for her. (Btw: who laughed their butts off at Vicki’s parachute experience??) Tamra’s on the other hand, has taken a nose dive. I wonder if it has anything to do with being on tv? The cameras can make or break you. Having your relationship broadcasted to millions is not always for the best.

In other relationship news, if you think that Gretchen’s new man looks hella familiar, you’re right. It’s Slate from past seasons (Jo’s ex) …. Ummmmm (insert confusion & suspicion here).

No real interesting tidbits about Lynne… Zzzzzzzzzzz… Oh sorry, I fell asleep just thinking about her. Forget an Ambien, one dose of Lynne will get you right where you need to be! Besides being boring, she is way too naïve. They are smiling in her face and talking about her behind her back, but she smiles and just takes their word for it. Get a clue, please.

Poor Jeana went from riches to rags in such a short amount of time. The real estate market is a bish. She isn’t as far off as she is making it seem though. She is down 2/3 of her usual income, so she says but this season’s RH check should keep her afloat until the market is looking up. I really don’t understand how she made it through 5 seasons, she’s not that interesting.

Oh and be on the lookout for Alexis Bellino, the newest cast member. Bravo describes her as “spicy blonde who unabashedly lives on her own terms…”

I can’t wait to see how things continue to unfold with my favorite Bravo housewives, this is going to be good…real good.