18 05 2010

** Written by guest blogger, Sara E. Speigner **

So I think millions experienced the first episode of the VH1 highly anticipated reality series, Basketball Wives. If you were anything like me, you heard of it months prior and were probably looking forward to it. I remember reading an interview Shaunie O’Neal did and she stated that she was the executive producer and the driving force behind the series. “Awesome!” I thought. Though Shaunie was going through a divorce with Cavaliers Center, Shaquille O’Neal, I had always thought of her as a class act and one of the few who was not trying to be “all up in the mix” but just being a wife and mother to her children.

Shaunie mentioned on the Wendy Williams show that the series would follow “Wives” of NBA basketball players and document the ups and downs, B.S and the pleasantries of the lifestyle not created for every woman, but those who are out here “gettin’ her done.”

(Clears throat) So the show begins with one wife, one fiancée, and excuse my jargon, but 3 bitter baby moms and one who cannot even breathe the name of her child’s father or she will be served papers (Royce!) The one actual married broad doesn’t even like her husband as a person nor trust him as far as she can throw him! One fiancée is the sister of Shaq’s main mistress, I’m curious why you didn’t mop the floor with her the first episode…guilty by association ring a bell to you?

So since we summed that up in a nutshell, my question after watching the first episode was “Shaunie O’Neal, Why?” Why did you agree to go to lunch with VH1 Producers, discuss a concept, agree and sign your name to such nonsense and tomfoolery? Did you honestly believe in your heart of hearts that you were helping to create good reality television? Was this display going to really open the doors and windows into the lives of women who were MARRIED and maintaining great lifestyles while their man brought home the bacon from the wonderful world of professional basketball? Was this honestly your vision? Why was there only one wife selected for the cast? Was she the only NBA wife that would agree to do the show? When you realized you were only going to have one wife, why didn’t you shelf the show? Are you only featured in two of the episodes thus far because you knew this was pure unadulterated manure but it was too far-gone to remove yourself and your name?! You say you have a passion for shoes Shaunie, why didn’t you just hit us in the head with a bad online shoe boutique with 30% off coupons every month? I would not have been mad at you! Why Shaunie?

I just feel stupid after every episode and mad that I spent that 30 minutes, so I have since used that space of time to go take my clothes out the wash, transfer them to the dryer and do some sorting until Chilli comes on. Whoever takes the great leap of faith on the next attempt at extending another reality concept to the public, can we please just call it what it really is? ONE WIFE, ONE FIANCEE, and 3 BITTER BABY MOMS.

– Sara E. Speigner