Brava Dina, Brava

8 06 2010

Very well done Dina! She handled herself very well during this confrontation with Danielle. Or as Danielle would refer to it, the “ambush”. While Dina was planning to speak with Danielle alone, and let her know woman-to-woman how she felt about their relationship or lack there of, Danielle was calling up her goons. Did she really need to call Danny, telling him how she’s nervous that they are trying to ambush her and to sit in the parking lot in case she needs help. What the hell is Danny gonna do to Dina??? Wack her?

I am so tired of seeing this dude, Danny, on the show! He looks like he stepped out of a 1980’s time machine and I really am not impressed by his loud mouth and disrespectful antics. Both him and Danielle need to SAT DOWN (yes, “sat”). In Danielle’s delusions, someone is always sitting at home with the lights off and curtains pulled closed, rubbing their hands together and plotting a devious scheme to rid New Jersey of her once and for all. Please get a life!

When they were finally face to face, Dina expressed to Danielle exactly how she felt (maturely and respectfully). She doesn’t have any beef with Danielle nor does she want to continue the mud slinging and the charades. Dina made it very clear that this was between her and Danielle, and didn’t involve anyone else. So what does Danielle do from the very beginning of the convo? She starts commenting on the Manzos’ and Ashley…. getting loud and offensive. All the while, Dina remained calm and still held her own. She showed her level of class and maturity and I commend her for that because I would love for Danielle to get beat down with a stiletto. Hehehehe, just kidding (but not really). Danielle’s messy behind actually ended up proving Dina’s point! That act right there was the reason why she didn’t want anything to do with her in the first place! Way to go Danielle, somebody show the scarecrow to the City of Oz. Smh!

Danielle Staub Takes Over Alice’s Wonderland

1 06 2010

After watching last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I’m wondering if Danielle Staub’s tell-all biography she’s written is actually a tall-tale. (AKA: a work of fictional BS) It is clear that she lives in a beautiful dream land where rabbits carry watches, caterpillars spend the day smoking, kooky characters throw tea parties in the middle of the forest, purple cats with giant grins disappear into thin air…..and there she sits on her throne as the Red Queen.

Danielle flipped an event that was meant to help a sick child into a delusional showdown. She hyped herself and her “entourage” up with a false belief that the Manzo family was out to get her and would somehow sabotage her on this night. Let’s break it down, shall we:

Delusion #1: When she walked through the doors of The Brownstone she was filled with a sense of empowerment because she knew they didn’t want her there and were angry that she was in their “home”.
Reality #1: None of them cared! LOL They all felt that she was a guest at the event and she would be treated like all the others. 100% business.

Delusion #2: Caroline’s son was setting Danielle up and let her know that they were going to make her evening a living hell out of spite for her.
Reality #2: He stated that they were “in for a surprise” because they dressed up like they were going to a ball and it was a casual affair.

Delusion #3: The Manzo family purposefully screwed up the seating arrangements so that Danielle would have nowhere to sit and would realize that she was not welcome there.
Reality #3: The reason why the seating for Danielle’s entourage was not adequate was because those people basically “crashed” the party! How would they have somewhere to sit when no one knew they were even coming?? The staff at The Brownstone put out extra tables but The Red Queen was already on a rampage.

(Time Out: Who brings a crazy ex-con on probation to a fundraiser for “protection” from people who aren’t even thinking about her?!)

There is definitely an ulterior motive for Danielle’s actions, ALWAYS. In her mind, it was already made up that something was gonna go down. She just had to fuel the fire to get it going. Any little thing she could find to misconstrue what was actually going on, she attempted. Then, when the fire was in affect, she could point the finger and fall into her victim “woe is me” act.

“We don’t believe you, you need more people.” – Jay Z

No Mother of the Year Award Anytime Soon

29 01 2010

Quick question: Has CSB come knocking on Lynne’s door yet??

Lynne Curtin’s teenage daughter, Alexa, comments on having a hangover and Lynne said nothing about it; she acted as if it was never even said. On top of the cursing, leaving the house after being told not to, hanging up on her and telling Lynne to shut up, Alexa put the icing on the cake and called Lynne a bitch. (F.Y.I. my daughter would have probably gotten as far as “bit” before I put my foot up her @$$)

In addition to not having a backbone with her two daughters, Lynne is also passing on her superficiality and insecurity. Lynne gave her eldest daughter, Raquel, the gift of plastic perfection… Rhinoplasty. The “mother-daughter plastic surgery” was a message to her daughters that you’re not beautiful just the way you are. Whatever happened to uplifting our children, to making them feel good about themselves from the inside out??

Instead of wearing her daughters’ clothes and trying to be young and hip, she needs to be an authority figure. Lynne, wake up. You are not their bestie, you’re a parent, and you should behave as such. First and foremost: Discipline, Discipline, Discipline!! Telling Alexa that she’s grounded isn’t effective because she just leaves anyway with no consequences. Lynne is setting her daughters up for failure. They need to know that there are consequences to every action. Discipline her in a way that is effective, all kids are different, what works for some doesn’t work for all. Take away her cell phone, make her get a job to pay for her own luxuries, confiscate all her accessories and makeup. I would say whoop her @$$ but honestly, I don’t see Lynne whooping anybody. It would be like tiny love taps.

Lynne need not be mad at Gretchen for trying to help. Take all the help and advice you can get! Gretchen may not be a mother, but listening to what she has to say isn’t gonna do anymore harm than what you have already done. Gretchen seems to be the only one that really cares enough, don’t knock her. Doesn’t Tamra have a teenage son? Why not ask her for advice? Oh, that’s right. She’s only good for laughing her butt off when you’re crying your eyes out.

Outstanding Or Outlandish?

7 01 2010

((scratching head))

Not only does The Real Housewives of Atlanta stick out like a sore thumb in the list of NAACP nominated “Outstanding Reality Series”, but the nomination doesn’t fit in with any of the other names and titles on the extensive list AT ALL. It’s a wonder to me how this show was nominated and what the explanation behind it was, exactly. (Maybe it was Sheree’s “who gon’ check me boo” line that stirred the pot.)

RHOA is competing with the likes of American Idol 8, America’s Next Top Model, Dancing with the Stars, and Extreme Makeover for the organization’s award show.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love The Housewives but I love them for the drama, fighting, hair shifting (lol), name-calling, backstabbing….. I can go on and on but I’m sure you get the point. The meaning behind the name, NAACP, is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. How is this show helping to advance anything but an a** whoopin during almost every episode? This is not something that I would be proud of, so that is why I am so surprised by the decision.

The Blind Side, The Princess and the Frog, Precious… Denzel Washington (wiping drool from my chin), Morgan Freeman, Anika Noni Rose, Taraji P. Henson… The Real Housewives of Atlanta… Nope! Still not understanding!

Somebody make sure NeNe’s name is on the guest list. We don’t want her making a scene outside another event.

Kandi & Kim: The Odd Couple

25 12 2009

Obviously Kandi Burruss and Kim Zolciak really do have a connection. NeNe gave the impression that the friendship was only based on convenience, but they may really enjoy each other’s company. The two were vacationing in the Bahamas for Christmas with their families, according to Kandi’s twitter updates.

Now, is it just me or does Kandi look like she’s posing with her homie, while Kim looks like she’s posing with her lesbian lover??? Why is she standing like that? Thoughts anyone?

Viewers’ Choice: Which OC Housewife would you kick to the curb?

19 11 2009

With the send off of Jeana on The Real Housewives of Orange County and the arrival of Alexis, what are your thoughts??  I have a few, like “can we get a two for one?”, maybe send Lynne along with her?   If you could send any one of the ladies home, who would it be?

The Real Housewives of OC: Back & Back At It

6 11 2009

So what did you think of the new season of the original housewives? I have been waiting for this since this season’s second episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta! Don’t get me wrong, I love RHOA, but it gets a little low class and “new money” at times. The OC wives have a completely different feel while still bringing the drama and entertainment that I’ve missed.

It seems like some old issues are still brewing, and some new situations have sprung up while the camera crews were away…

Tamra is still juicing the phone call she may or may not have received from Gretchen’s “boyfriend” that she may or may not have been seeing while being engaged to the late Jeff. Let’s get over it, if that is the only issue that you had, let it go. It shouldn’t matter to Tamra whether or not Gretchen’s relationship with Jeff was real, worry about your own relationship.
And speaking of Tamra’s relationship, it looks like she and Vicki have switched it up on us. Vicki’s marriage has been rocky for sometime but apparently things are going much smoother for her. (Btw: who laughed their butts off at Vicki’s parachute experience??) Tamra’s on the other hand, has taken a nose dive. I wonder if it has anything to do with being on tv? The cameras can make or break you. Having your relationship broadcasted to millions is not always for the best.

In other relationship news, if you think that Gretchen’s new man looks hella familiar, you’re right. It’s Slate from past seasons (Jo’s ex) …. Ummmmm (insert confusion & suspicion here).

No real interesting tidbits about Lynne… Zzzzzzzzzzz… Oh sorry, I fell asleep just thinking about her. Forget an Ambien, one dose of Lynne will get you right where you need to be! Besides being boring, she is way too naïve. They are smiling in her face and talking about her behind her back, but she smiles and just takes their word for it. Get a clue, please.

Poor Jeana went from riches to rags in such a short amount of time. The real estate market is a bish. She isn’t as far off as she is making it seem though. She is down 2/3 of her usual income, so she says but this season’s RH check should keep her afloat until the market is looking up. I really don’t understand how she made it through 5 seasons, she’s not that interesting.

Oh and be on the lookout for Alexis Bellino, the newest cast member. Bravo describes her as “spicy blonde who unabashedly lives on her own terms…”

I can’t wait to see how things continue to unfold with my favorite Bravo housewives, this is going to be good…real good.