Sex Tapes & Celebrity Status

24 05 2010

Paris Hilton who? …..Kim Kardashian who??

So many women have made a name for themselves by either a “leaked” sex tape or a scandalous affair with someone famous.

How many of us knew who Paris Hilton was before the “One Night in Paris” scandal? I heard her name a couple times, maybe saw her in a gossip magazine but she wasn’t very interesting. Hell, she still isn’t very interesting but she’s everywhere! You name it, her name or face has probably been on it. I admit that The Simple Life was entertaining but I swear I lost some brain cells tuning into My New BFF!

I remember attending a Pure Romance party at my friend Samantha’s house and laughing my butt off at Ray J’s sex tape. (What did he think he was doing?? LOL) I had no clue who this Kim chick was but soon after, she was everywhere. Magazines, TV, Gossip columns… Not only did she become famous, but she brought her whole family with her. Now that’s the power of the P!

Then you have the women who sleep with celebrities or high society men just to put them on blast after getting ammunition to completely blow the lid off of their secret life. These women save EVERYTHING! (Like texts and voicemails, side eye to Tiger) Then after his life is in shambles, they’re writing books, posing for Playboy and merchandising.

I applaud those women who have gotten where they are today as a result of their own hard work and independence. You don’t see too much of that going on in this day and age. What happened to good, old-fashioned hard work? …Well, I guess they were “working hard” at one point or another. 😉

Danger: Thirsty for Attention or Crying for Help?

6 02 2010

I’ve stated that Danger is “insane in the membrane” since I first saw her facial tattoo on For the Love of Ray J season 1.  It seems as if, even now, a lot of people are surprised by her strange actions.  Poprah (you know, that loud mouthed, ruthless chick that thought she was really going to be Diddy’s assistant on I Want to Work for Diddy season 1) seems to be one of the last to realize this disturbing fact.

So far, Danger has:

  • claimed she was pregnant and Ray J was the alleged father
  • been admitted into a mental institution and as a result, lost custody of her child
  • publicly stated that Ray J was a homosexual
  • been arrested for arson
  • AND had an “unfortunate incident” involving Ms. Poprah herself

    Photo of Monica "Danger" Leon (via

    Speculation is circulating on whether or not Danger is in fact, mentally ill.  Necole Bitchie posted a blog, yesterday, about the recent drama between the two reality stars.  She posed the question:

    “So is Danger faking for a reality show deal or does she really have a mental condition?”

    Can Ray J get some kind of award for nicknaming Monica “Danger”? He hit the nail on the head with that one.  Her actions on his reality show alone led me to believe she was crazy & needed help. Unique said it many times. Yes I believe she is doing all of this for attention, but that makes her all the more crazy! Something has to be seriously wrong with this bish for her to do all of these outlandish things. Only a true mentally ill person will stoop to this level for publicity. It’s sad because it doesn’t seem like there is anyone around her that cares enough to help her. She claims that she has great family and friends but where are they now?  Have they done all they could?

    I’ve cracked a lot of jokes at Danger’s expense and I’ve said some not so nice things regarding her BUT if she really has an illness, someone please help her before she self destructs.

    Kandi & Kim: The Odd Couple

    25 12 2009

    Obviously Kandi Burruss and Kim Zolciak really do have a connection. NeNe gave the impression that the friendship was only based on convenience, but they may really enjoy each other’s company. The two were vacationing in the Bahamas for Christmas with their families, according to Kandi’s twitter updates.

    Now, is it just me or does Kandi look like she’s posing with her homie, while Kim looks like she’s posing with her lesbian lover??? Why is she standing like that? Thoughts anyone?