Why I Despise Scott Disick… So Far

14 12 2009

The season premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians did NOT disappoint last night! Classic Kardashian entertainment. The drama picks up where Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami and Khloe’s wedding special left off: Khloe’s married to Lamar, Kim is heartbroken over her breakup with Reggie ((tear, sad face)) and Kourtney is pregnant with Scott’s baby.

The main focus of the premiere episode (and the episodes to come, from what it looks like) is Kourtney’s pregnancy and relationship with Scott. Of course, most of the family is not happy with the fact that he’s the father, nor am I. Here is a list of reasons why I feel this way…

Numero Uno – He has no career, he mooches off of Kourtney and his parents. What was he doing lounging by the Jenners’ pool while Kourtney was at work?? It doesn’t seem like he’s contributing to anything now, how is that going to change once the baby gets here?

Numero Due – He’s cheated on her, lied to her, and disrespected her countless times. How many times did we, the viewers, watch Kourtney cry and become visually upset and hurt because of him? I can understand why Khloe is so angry with him. She and Kourt are very close, so she knows better than anyone what a jerk Scott has been. It would be hard to see her sister hurting and forgiving the man who inflicted the pain.

Numero Tre – There are two separate facades of Scott. The sweet, caring, respectful Scott will smile in Kourtney’s face and tell her that he loves her. This character will even let her family treat him any kind of way and tell her that he is doing it for her, because she is so important to him…. Then there is the manipulative, deceitful Scott that has shown his face so many times during the course of the show. It’s like he’s playing the “nice guy” role in order to wrap Kourtney even more tightly around his finger, and draw her family in as well.

Numero Quattro – I concur with Khloe’s statement during the premiere, maybe Scott really did trap Kourtney. He had the advantage, why wouldn’t he seize the opportunity? Allow me to paint for you a scenario: He hurt her countless times, she dumped him, but all the while she misses him. Enough so, that when he shows up in Miami and surprises her, he’s able to turn up the charm and get her right where he wants her. Though he knows, it may only last for a short time before she’s hip to his game again, and it will all be over. In that case, the perfect plan to getting what he wants would be to get her pregnant and in turn, have a permanent position in her life. Genius!

Numero Cinque – It seems like he’s taken her kindness for weakness. I’m an avid believer that a man will only treat a woman the way she ALLOWS herself to be treated. Sometimes men can take advantage of this; they know exactly what they can get away with doing and what we won’t put up with. There could quite possibly be a happily ever after with Kourtney and Scott if she is willing to put her foot down and crack that whip a few good times.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what type of guy that Scott really is because even though it feels like we do, we don’t REALLY know him. We only know what we see (which is a lot of negative bs). Maybe he has changed, or maybe everything I’ve listed is true. Sometimes when you are on the outside looking in, you can’t see a person for what they really are. You don’t see all the intimate moments. Yet at times, its better to step outside of a situation in order to see it for what it really is because love is so very, very blind.



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14 12 2009

Is there anything left to say, Reality Maven? It’s like you were reading my mind. Very detailed analysis of Scott.

The scary thing is that Scott has many personalities. When you’re in a relationship with someone, it’s hard to see them for who they really are. Many times it’s because you don’t want to see the side that everyone is trying to get you to see.

We’ve all been in Kourtney’s position before. But since she’s in the relationship (and not us), she has to make the decision herself to leave Scott alone. I don’t know if they’ll break up. More than likely she’ll stay with him for a while to be a “happy family.” But a baby won’t fix the problems in the relationship. It will only make matters worse.

You can lead a horse to the water. But you can’t make him drink. Kourtney’s the horse. Water is the relationship advice people give her. Will she listen (drink)? Only time will tell.

14 06 2010
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14 06 2010

LOVE IT! I agree with it all!

10 10 2014
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