Where Has My Muse Gone?

14 07 2010

What’s a blogger to do when she’s simply uninspired by her muse??

I’m caught between watching A Different World reruns and HawthoRNe episodes. With the most entertaining reality shows being between seasons and others comming up short (like Holly’s World and Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch), I have better ways of filling up my dvr.

How many times can I blog about The Kardashians and The Real Housewives of NJ?? I’ve watched this season’s first episode of The T.O. Show but I’m sad to say, that I mostly tuned in for the eye candy. Something fell a little flat.

What’s to come of Reality Maven? An online book review? A Twilight fan page? Something’s got to give! Too bad Ray J isn’t filming any new seasons of For the Love of Ray J. That was always entertaining!

What are you watching?

Three’s Company or a Crowd?

14 06 2010

Keeping Up with the Kardashians…..aka…..Keeping Up With Kourtney and Scott.
Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami…..aka…..Kourtney & Scott Take Miami.

Notice a pattern here?

Kourtney and Scott Disick’s relationship has completely taken over my television! During the first season of The Kardashians, if you asked me the name of Kourtney’s boyfriend, I wouldn’t have even been able to tell you the first letter. Scott who? I guess after a couple fights, ratings have a tendency to spike, imagine that. Now the main story lines are revolving around Kourtney and Scott for the majority of the season. Repetitive arguments and breakups lasting only days turn into a surprise reunion and a baby. Then we circle back to Miami this season and of course it’s not just Kourtney and Khloe living in their quaint suite anymore. Here come Scott and baby Mason. The previews have already shown that we’re in for a heck of a lot of drama between the couple.

Besides the title of the show, where does Khloe fit into all of this? It looks like she’s going to work husband, Lamar, and Khloe After Dark (with the very sexy Terrence J, wink wink) into the show but will that be enough? I think after watching past seasons of the Kardashians, we already know the answer. Kourtney and Scott will steal the show and completely take over. Why even drag Khloe all the way across the country when it’s obvious she’d rather be home with her boo?

At this point, I couldn’t really care less. I’m sick of seeing him, hearing his voice and watching him act like a complete a**. It’s embarrassing and he’s not even my man! Kourtney, PLEASE get it together; what else do you need to happen?? So many women watching this are losing respect for her and some are taking notes and making excuses for the ones that are toxic in their lives. I’m truly disgusted. This relationship is poisonous and my poor brain cells are slowly feeling the effects.

Brava Dina, Brava

8 06 2010

Very well done Dina! She handled herself very well during this confrontation with Danielle. Or as Danielle would refer to it, the “ambush”. While Dina was planning to speak with Danielle alone, and let her know woman-to-woman how she felt about their relationship or lack there of, Danielle was calling up her goons. Did she really need to call Danny, telling him how she’s nervous that they are trying to ambush her and to sit in the parking lot in case she needs help. What the hell is Danny gonna do to Dina??? Wack her?

I am so tired of seeing this dude, Danny, on the show! He looks like he stepped out of a 1980’s time machine and I really am not impressed by his loud mouth and disrespectful antics. Both him and Danielle need to SAT DOWN (yes, “sat”). In Danielle’s delusions, someone is always sitting at home with the lights off and curtains pulled closed, rubbing their hands together and plotting a devious scheme to rid New Jersey of her once and for all. Please get a life!

When they were finally face to face, Dina expressed to Danielle exactly how she felt (maturely and respectfully). She doesn’t have any beef with Danielle nor does she want to continue the mud slinging and the charades. Dina made it very clear that this was between her and Danielle, and didn’t involve anyone else. So what does Danielle do from the very beginning of the convo? She starts commenting on the Manzos’ and Ashley…. getting loud and offensive. All the while, Dina remained calm and still held her own. She showed her level of class and maturity and I commend her for that because I would love for Danielle to get beat down with a stiletto. Hehehehe, just kidding (but not really). Danielle’s messy behind actually ended up proving Dina’s point! That act right there was the reason why she didn’t want anything to do with her in the first place! Way to go Danielle, somebody show the scarecrow to the City of Oz. Smh!

Unfit Boyfriends = Unfit Dads (It’s Not Rocket Science)

3 06 2010

My main concern during the first episode of vh1’s Dad Camp was that about half the women had been with their boyfriends for at least a year before they got pregnant. One couple had been together for four and a half years. Now my question is this, how can you be with someone for that long and as soon as you become pregnant you’re surprised by the father’s actions??

These men did not change overnight. After all this time, you had to have known that they were cheaters, that they were irresponsible, that they didn’t have jobs, or that they’re alcoholics or smokers… This was apparent BEFORE you got pregnant, yet you loved them and stayed with them regardless of this.

Now I’m not saying that it’s ok for the men to act this way, but if these women had condoned that behavior for this long, why stay and why not protect yourselves effectively?

Danielle Staub Takes Over Alice’s Wonderland

1 06 2010

After watching last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I’m wondering if Danielle Staub’s tell-all biography she’s written is actually a tall-tale. (AKA: a work of fictional BS) It is clear that she lives in a beautiful dream land where rabbits carry watches, caterpillars spend the day smoking, kooky characters throw tea parties in the middle of the forest, purple cats with giant grins disappear into thin air…..and there she sits on her throne as the Red Queen.

Danielle flipped an event that was meant to help a sick child into a delusional showdown. She hyped herself and her “entourage” up with a false belief that the Manzo family was out to get her and would somehow sabotage her on this night. Let’s break it down, shall we:

Delusion #1: When she walked through the doors of The Brownstone she was filled with a sense of empowerment because she knew they didn’t want her there and were angry that she was in their “home”.
Reality #1: None of them cared! LOL They all felt that she was a guest at the event and she would be treated like all the others. 100% business.

Delusion #2: Caroline’s son was setting Danielle up and let her know that they were going to make her evening a living hell out of spite for her.
Reality #2: He stated that they were “in for a surprise” because they dressed up like they were going to a ball and it was a casual affair.

Delusion #3: The Manzo family purposefully screwed up the seating arrangements so that Danielle would have nowhere to sit and would realize that she was not welcome there.
Reality #3: The reason why the seating for Danielle’s entourage was not adequate was because those people basically “crashed” the party! How would they have somewhere to sit when no one knew they were even coming?? The staff at The Brownstone put out extra tables but The Red Queen was already on a rampage.

(Time Out: Who brings a crazy ex-con on probation to a fundraiser for “protection” from people who aren’t even thinking about her?!)

There is definitely an ulterior motive for Danielle’s actions, ALWAYS. In her mind, it was already made up that something was gonna go down. She just had to fuel the fire to get it going. Any little thing she could find to misconstrue what was actually going on, she attempted. Then, when the fire was in affect, she could point the finger and fall into her victim “woe is me” act.

“We don’t believe you, you need more people.” – Jay Z

Sex Tapes & Celebrity Status

24 05 2010

Paris Hilton who? …..Kim Kardashian who??

So many women have made a name for themselves by either a “leaked” sex tape or a scandalous affair with someone famous.

How many of us knew who Paris Hilton was before the “One Night in Paris” scandal? I heard her name a couple times, maybe saw her in a gossip magazine but she wasn’t very interesting. Hell, she still isn’t very interesting but she’s everywhere! You name it, her name or face has probably been on it. I admit that The Simple Life was entertaining but I swear I lost some brain cells tuning into My New BFF!

I remember attending a Pure Romance party at my friend Samantha’s house and laughing my butt off at Ray J’s sex tape. (What did he think he was doing?? LOL) I had no clue who this Kim chick was but soon after, she was everywhere. Magazines, TV, Gossip columns… Not only did she become famous, but she brought her whole family with her. Now that’s the power of the P!

Then you have the women who sleep with celebrities or high society men just to put them on blast after getting ammunition to completely blow the lid off of their secret life. These women save EVERYTHING! (Like texts and voicemails, side eye to Tiger) Then after his life is in shambles, they’re writing books, posing for Playboy and merchandising.

I applaud those women who have gotten where they are today as a result of their own hard work and independence. You don’t see too much of that going on in this day and age. What happened to good, old-fashioned hard work? …Well, I guess they were “working hard” at one point or another. 😉


18 05 2010

** Written by guest blogger, Sara E. Speigner **

So I think millions experienced the first episode of the VH1 highly anticipated reality series, Basketball Wives. If you were anything like me, you heard of it months prior and were probably looking forward to it. I remember reading an interview Shaunie O’Neal did and she stated that she was the executive producer and the driving force behind the series. “Awesome!” I thought. Though Shaunie was going through a divorce with Cavaliers Center, Shaquille O’Neal, I had always thought of her as a class act and one of the few who was not trying to be “all up in the mix” but just being a wife and mother to her children.

Shaunie mentioned on the Wendy Williams show that the series would follow “Wives” of NBA basketball players and document the ups and downs, B.S and the pleasantries of the lifestyle not created for every woman, but those who are out here “gettin’ her done.”

(Clears throat) So the show begins with one wife, one fiancée, and excuse my jargon, but 3 bitter baby moms and one who cannot even breathe the name of her child’s father or she will be served papers (Royce!) The one actual married broad doesn’t even like her husband as a person nor trust him as far as she can throw him! One fiancée is the sister of Shaq’s main mistress, I’m curious why you didn’t mop the floor with her the first episode…guilty by association ring a bell to you?

So since we summed that up in a nutshell, my question after watching the first episode was “Shaunie O’Neal, Why?” Why did you agree to go to lunch with VH1 Producers, discuss a concept, agree and sign your name to such nonsense and tomfoolery? Did you honestly believe in your heart of hearts that you were helping to create good reality television? Was this display going to really open the doors and windows into the lives of women who were MARRIED and maintaining great lifestyles while their man brought home the bacon from the wonderful world of professional basketball? Was this honestly your vision? Why was there only one wife selected for the cast? Was she the only NBA wife that would agree to do the show? When you realized you were only going to have one wife, why didn’t you shelf the show? Are you only featured in two of the episodes thus far because you knew this was pure unadulterated manure but it was too far-gone to remove yourself and your name?! You say you have a passion for shoes Shaunie, why didn’t you just hit us in the head with a bad online shoe boutique with 30% off coupons every month? I would not have been mad at you! Why Shaunie?

I just feel stupid after every episode and mad that I spent that 30 minutes, so I have since used that space of time to go take my clothes out the wash, transfer them to the dryer and do some sorting until Chilli comes on. Whoever takes the great leap of faith on the next attempt at extending another reality concept to the public, can we please just call it what it really is? ONE WIFE, ONE FIANCEE, and 3 BITTER BABY MOMS.

– Sara E. Speigner

Is That On Chili’s List?

26 04 2010

I’m still not sure how I feel about “What Chili Wants”. It aggravates me to no end but I keep watching, week after week. This week I had mixed emotions on Floyd Mayweather standing Chili up for their dinner date.

After being in denial for who knows how long, Chili finally admits that she thinks of him as more than a friend. She even brings him a picture from a hot photoshoot they did together, framed and the whole nine. So on one hand, when he called and I watched her expression, I kinda sorta maybe felt bad for her. BUT, on the other hand, because she has been so superficial through this whole search for the “perfect” man, I was hoping it would put things in perspective for her and she can come down a peg or two. (And her infamous list can go in the trash)

I guess we’ll see what she’s gonna do next week, because you know I’ll be watching. ((big sigh))

Photo via inticeonline.wordpress.com

Photo via inticeonline.wordpress.com

Brandy Playing the Blame Game?

26 04 2010

I understand that Brandy’s upset about her latest album flopping, and I understand that she feels she wasn’t given the best from all involved, but I don’t understand why she is blaming Rodney Jerkins for the demise of “Human”.

On Sunday’s episode of “A Family Business”, Brandy expresses her feelings regarding Rodney “not giving her his best work” and basically saying that was the reason that the album did so poorly. It’s funny how an artist can listen to the tracks, agree to go into the studio and record the tracks, give the tracks to the record company and then after the album is released, shift blame to the producers or the record company.

Did she not realize that it wasn’t to Rodney’s full potential before it was released? Before she even stepped into the studio to record even? Couldn’t she have said then, that she wasn’t feeling the music? These are the questions I was asking as I watched.

It seems as though Brandy relies on other people around her to make decisions and she just goes along with it. She’s putting way too much trust and power into their hands. When the dust settles, its Brandy’s face on that album cover so maybe this concern should have been voiced before it was too late to make any difference?

I’m Back…Now What’d I Miss?

21 04 2010

I know it’s been a long time, but what better time to return than when my DVR is filled with great reality shows? And might I add that I am soooooo so so glad that Ray J has put down the champagne flutes for the last time. Who was he fooling with that sleaze fest of a dating show? A Family Business is a much better look for him.

Vh1 has a great lineup this season, all though I can’t stomach Basketball Wives for even the first five minutes. I’m not even sure what the title has to do with the actual show. Anyone care to enlighten me?? On a more positive note, I’m loving every minute of Ray J & Brandy, and of course Tough Love never disappoints me. Having the couples on this season is reminiscent of Tool Academy but without the trailer trash backsplash. (Check my rhymes, “Omg, am I rapping?” Lmao at Bran Nu! Love Brandy though)

Vh1 reality shows are usually a hit or miss with me, but What Chili Wants has me on the fence this time. How are you guys feeling about this show? I really liked Chili up until this point but her damn list is working my nerves! She has got to be thee pickiest woman on earth. I think when Missy told her that “Jesus was taken” she hit the nail on the head. She’s not looking for anyone. She either wants to get back with Usher or she wants to get something started with Floyd, she’s only fooling herself because she’s not fooling us viewers!

While others are dedicating their DVR memory space to The Young and the Restless, ((side eye)) I’m more interested in vh1 reality and what’s going on with Kimora over on The Style Network. These shows are definitely holding my attention right now.

Where’s the remote, it looks like I’m going to have a lot to write about?